Wahaj Yasin

Machine Learning Tools to generate and improve code

There are many tools available that can be used to generate and improve code. Here is a list of some popular ones: AWS CodeGuru: An Amazon Web Services (AWS) product that uses machine learning to analyze code and suggest improvements, including performance and security optimizations. Google DeepMind’s AutoML: A suite of machine learning tools for

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Optimising LinkedIn

“LinkedIn allows you to gain exposure to Thought Leaders, Hiring Managers and Recruiters to showcase your knowledge, credibility and leadership expertise” 7 Benefits of using LinkedIn CREATING A PROFILE Profile vs Resume Make your profile dynamic which should serve you better with recommendations and endorsements Include a unique headline (show passion and who you are,

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Syed Ali – Service Desk Analyst (Vodafone)

Previously I had worked in business enterprise customer services. Then hire desk controller processing orders. I had then continued progression to service desk / 1st line support. I have always had passion for IT TECHNICAL aspect. From university learning solidworks (CAD DESIGNING SOFTWARE FOR PRODUCTS) to graphic design (SELF TAUGHT ILLUSTRATOR AND PHOTOSHOP). Enjoyed the

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